Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Building a new business?   We've helped dozens of companies smooth the road to market. What do you need?  Help preparing for due diligence? Business structuring?  A helping hand establishing service, support, and compliance?  Or an independent, unbiased view on post-acquisition processes and procedures to meld diverse groups and maximize your investment?

Commercializing New Technology?
There's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip... and between R&D and manufacturing.  What's the impact of putting a MIP marketing manager and manufacturing engineer on your team early in the RD&E Phase? Dramatic savings in cost and time... and no slip twixt R&D and commercialization!
Need a Sales Force? Our Sales 2.0 specialists can help you to become a high growth company by identifying the right folks and keeping in front of them, unearthing your clients' footprints, and organizing, managing and tracking your sales data. Got a Rainmaker on your sales team?  Our staff can analyze what is best about your current program then show you how to build on it.  No sales team yet? We can fill that gap, too

Where's your REAL market? Is it really the whole $2.3B microscopy market... or one of the sub-sectors like light, confocal, AFM, electron microscopy, surface profiling, sample preparation, digital imaging, or the new "hybrid" market?  And what are the real size and shape of that market?  How are products distributed? How long is the sale cycle? Who makes the buying decisions? Could other competitors blind-side you.. or worse yet, other technologies?

The MIP can tell you exactly where your technology will play best...

Welcome to The MIP!


The $3B microscopy market is different than any other analytical arena.  Heterogeneous, difficult to characterize, and poorly reported, it presents a challenge to even the most experienced marketeer or business developer.  Add the new collision with spectroscopy and it's an unchartered frontier.

Since 1991, this unique industry has looked to The Microscopy & Imaging Place (T/MIP) and its predecessor, Microscopy/Marketing & Education, Inc. (MME) as its primary source of market research and new product launches. For each one, we've bent the curve toward faster sales and business development. The score: over 100 successful new product launches and nearly a dozen companies. 



Results are our most important produc  
Whether you need concrete confirmation that your product is saleable, a go-to-market program that is going to win, a manufacturing process that is well-defined, controlled, and documented, or due diligence and a good transition plan for that big merger, the MIP delivers.  Historically, we've cut 6 months to a year off time-to-revenue, saved clients tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in commercialization and go-to-market costs, and generated hundreds of millions in revenue. 

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